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Work Related Accidents Car, truck, SUV, forklift, backhoe, bulldozer and heavy industrial equipment accidents that occur at work can cause confusion because a victim may wonder what his or her rights are in relation to the employer.  Worker's compensation law can pre-empt recovery by an injured party, but only as it relates to the employer.  In other words, if the accident is caused by the company or a co-worker, then the exclusive remedy may indeed be worker's compensation.  However, if the party at fault is someone other than the employer or co-worker, then the injured party should have every right to pursue recovery against third parties.  The identity of these third parties can vary.  If the accident was caused by defective or malfunctioning products or equipment, then there could be a products liability claim.  If the accident was caused by someone who is not a co-worker, then that person or their employer may be liable.

Injuries at work can result in death and catastrophic injuries, including brain injuries, paralysis and severe burns.  These injuries change their victims’ lives physically and emotionally, but they can also have a dramatic financial effect.  A serious injury can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat, even with health insurance -- just when victims are out of work and may not be earning the money to pay those costs.  If these injuries lead to a lifelong disability or a death, that loss of income is permanent.

Some common injuries resulting from automobile accidents can include:

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