Winder, Georgia Motorcycle Accident

Practice Area photoMotorcycle accidents happen every day in the state of Georgia, especially in a place like Winder, Georgia where there are many busy roads.  If you have been involved in an accident, it is important to hire a motorcycle accident attorney who will understand the specifics associated with motorcycle accidents, from the laws governing motorcycle drivers to the differences between motorcycle accidents and other motor vehicle accidents.  When that unexpected accident occurs, you should seek legal assistance from trusted Winder motorcycle accident attorney Charles Scholle to get the compensation for your injuries that you are entitled to.

On a motorcycle, you have a much higher chance of being hit by another vehicle.  This is due to the fact that motorcycles are simply smaller, and therefore, harder to be seen by other motor vehicles, especially trucks.  When these accidents do happen, they are often not due to any mistake on the part of the motorcycle driver, but instead, a careless mistake on the part of another driver. Whatever the cause may be, a motorcycle accident attorney will be able to provide you with the guidance you need at this trying time.

Charles Scholle will start an investigation of your incident, starting by asking you for your account of the accident, talking to witnesses, getting any pictures, getting a police report, and hiring a motorcycle accident reconstructionist if necessary.  He will also get in touch with your doctors and get a medical report to make sure that all your medical injuries, from minor bone fractures to severe brain injuries, are documented and that you get fair compensation.

When you hire an attorney they will work to recovery medical expenses, pain and suffering, and loss of wages that resulted from the accident.  They will take a series of steps to ensure that they are fighting for maximum compensation.  First they will contact the insurance companies of all the people involved in the accident and inquire about the coverage to determine the extent of recovery possible.  Then they will interview witnesses, as witnesses are very important in motorcycle accident cases.  They can attests to the speed and driving decisions of the motorcyclist as well as help fill in details of the event.  Finally, an experienced motorcycle accident attorney will take photographs of the scene including injuries to people and property damage.  If the situation is still unclear, the attorney may even hire an accident reconstructionist to clarify any details in question.

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