What Can You Do To Prevent Elder Abuse?

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  • Report Mistreatment to Georgia Adult Protective Services, Central Intake Division or law enforcement. Even if a situation has already been reported, the circumstances could get worse. Continue to pursue the case by speaking out.

  • Keep Close Contact. Talk with your family members in long term care facilities, as well as their older friends, neighbors, and relatives. Maintaining consistent communication will prevent isolation, a risk factor for mistreatment. Give the elder every opportunity to talk about any problems they may be experiencing. Be non-judgemental.

  • Be aware of the possibility of abuse. Take notice of what may be happening with your older neighbors and acquaintances. Do they seem lately to be withdrawn, nervous, fearful, sad, or anxious, especially around certain people, when they have not seemed so in the past?

  • Be Vigilant and Diligent. Be suspicious in a positive way. Review financial records periodically.

  • Become Engaged with Organizations that Prevent Elder Abuse.