We Assist Executors and Executrixes in the Probate of a Georgia Will

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We Assist Executors and Executrixes in the Probate of a Georgia Will Whether in the Atlanta area or across the entire state of Georgia, we represent Georgia and out-of-state executors and executrixes who need to probate a Georgia will.  We have represented dozens of executors and executrixes and can advise and assist you during this complicated process.

The personal liability exposure of the executor in the probate of a Georgia will can be substantial.  Likewise, the time commitment can be quite extensive.  We can help you navigate the Georgia probate process efficiently and professionally.

Our offices are centrally located in Atlanta so that we are able to cover the entire state of Georgia.  If desired, our firm can assist in connecting a personal representative with competent and ethical Georgia accountants, appraisers, real estate professionals and estate liquidators.  The level of our involvement is, of course, at the discretion of the client.

The costs of our services vary depending on the complexity of the estate, and our fees are very competitive with other Georgia attorneys providing similar services.  We would be happy to discuss your personal situation in a free, no-obligation phone consultation.

Please click on the following link of FAQs by Executors and Executrixes.

If you were named as executor or if you may serve as fiduciary in the estate of a loved one who has died in Gwinnett County, metro-Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, and you would like to learn more about your options, Charles Scholle can help. To discuss your case at a free, confidential phone consultation, please contact the firm online or call 1-866-972-5287 nationwide and 770-717-5100 in Atlanta.