Walton County Truck Accident

Practice Area photoIf you've been injured in a truck accident in Walton County, Georgia, you may be confused as to how to handle this situation and whether it is any more complicated than a normal car accident. Walton County truck accident attorney Charles Scholle has the experience to provide you with insight into this complex matter.

Insurance companies will try to settle quickly after an accident, and hope to minimize the payment they have to make. The insurers of trucking companies are no exception. Calling an attorney right away can help protect you from settling before you are ready.

Often times, truck accidents can be more difficult to deal with because the sheer size of a truck makes the resulting injuries more severe, ranging from brain injuries to paraplegia. Additionally, issues of ownership, regulation and liability can make for more convoluted personal injury cases. For example, there are many different parties that could be at fault for the injuries. The truck may be owned by one person, while the trailer is owned by a different company. The commercial trucking company may not have subjected the driver to a rigorous background check. The truck owner or commercial truck company may have failed to enforce strict maintenance regimens that follow Federal protocol, or the malfunction could simply be due to a faulty part produced by a manufacturer.

Whatever the case, a truck collision caused by a driver’s negligence can be devastating for all those involved. Truck accident attorney Charles Scholle knows that a truck crash can can severe personal injury, that can change the lives of you and your family. Call Charles Scholle today at 1-866-972-5287 for help with your potential case. There is no fee or obligation for an initial consultation.