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Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Trucks and commercial vehicles carry goods throughout our country and in our metro areas. They share the road with other vehicles. Due to their weight and size, they are often involved in serious accidents that cause harm and injury to others on the road. The experienced Gwinnett County truck accident lawyers at Scholle Law handle all facets or your truck and commercial vehicle accident case with skill and compassion. We treat victims and families who are suffering due to a truck, auto or other motor vehicle accident with the respect and compassion they deserve. At the offices of Scholle Law, our legal team's goal is to lift the burden of handling the legal details of serious accidents, including the catastrophic injury or death resulting from serious accidents.

The truck accident attorneys in Gwinnett County that make up the Scholle Law legal team have seen a wide range of accidents and injuries over the years. Although motor vehicles have more safety features than they have in the past, the dangers on the road have actually increased. Various behaviors that have caused these new dangers include the ongoing issues with distracted driving. The dangers of cell phone use, emailing, texting and simply talking on the phone while holding it, are all impacting our highway safety, injuries and fatalities. Statistics show that truck drivers who engage in distracted driving can cause serious accidents and injuries. It takes longer for large trucks and commercial vehicles to stop. So if a truck or commercial driver becomes distracted, a collision with another vehicle can be extremely serious. Studies show that the time it takes for a large vehicle to stop is several seconds longer than smaller, lighter vehicles. The distance involved is also longer than smaller vehicles. This means that a distracted or an aggressive truck driver can cause a fatal or serious injury to others on the road. 

Our law practice handles all types of vehicle accidents, including:

Truck and commercial vehicle crashes happen every day on highways and rural roads. The use of trucks has increased in our country over time. Although trains are still used to take some cargo interstate, trucks are often used to move products from place to place. Many drivers have experienced the unpleasant moments of a truck tailgating your vehicle, speeding down and mountain road or driving aggressively in other ways. Failing to drive safely is a common cause of truck and commercial vehicle crashes.

Our clients experience the difference in our approach from the first free consultation on their case. We provide clients with personal attention and communication through the entire process. It is our privilege to represent victims and their families and we know the trust they place in us must be honored. We work with the greatest regard for you and your family. Your case and the story that surrounds what happened in your accident, is something we know you have entrusted to us. We take this trust extremely seriously and work diligently on your behalf throughout your case until it is resolved.

The success of our founding partner, Charles Scholle and the Scholle Law team has proven that success over two decades is a direct result of this philosophy. Our Gwinnett County truck accident lawyers have decades of experience and success in these types of matters.


If you have been injured in or lost a loved one in an accident caused by another person's careless behavior and you would like to learn more, Scholle Law can help. Our team of truck accident lawyers in Gwinnett County are ready to fight for your rights and for your family.

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