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The Dangers of Trucks Crashes

Practice Area photoStatistics show that accidents involving tractor-trailers are much more likely to cause catastrophic injury than ordinary car crashes. Commercial trucks (Mack trucks, 18-wheelers and semis) weigh far more than passenger cars or pickup trucks and in an accident that means increased force that can literally crush smaller vehicles. Serious injuries or even death are often the result for those traveling in the smaller vehicle. Georgia truck accident expert, Charles Scholle has litigated many cases involving the devastating effects of truck accidents.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, large trucks were involved in 12% of all traffic fatalities in 2007, even though they accounted for only 7% of all vehicle miles traveled. And in multi-vehicle trucking accidents, a staggering 94% of victims were people outside the truck, regardless of who was at fault.

Truck accidents can often be categorized as or caused by the following:

Some common injuries resulting from truck accidents can include:

Trucking and Insurance Companies Protect Their Commercial Interests, Not Yours

Trucking accidents are different than those involving only passenger cars, because trucks are commercial vehicles with commercial interests. In a serious accident between passenger cars, victims and their families are likely to be overwhelmed and usually do not have much experience with the legal and medical issues they will face.

By contrast, accidents are a part of the trucking business, which means that trucking companies and their insurance companies know exactly how the process works and how to limit their financial obligations. Trucking companies typically have engineers, investigators, lawyers and accident reconstruction experts on the accident scene within 24 hours. They secure evidence, take measurements, interview witnesses and talk to the police officers, all in an attempt to gain advantage in denying a victim's claim or in minimizing any money they may have to pay out. In fact, it is not unusual for Georgia tractor-trailer accident victims to receive phone calls from trucking companies within a day of the accident, discussing financial offers or fault, often before the victims are ready to think about those things.

Contact An Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

If you, or someone you love, has been a victim of a serious tractor-trailer accident, contact Georgia trucking accident attorney Charles Scholle as soon as possible. Remember, it is important to ensure that you protect yourself: do not agree to be recorded; do not sign documents you do not understand completely; and, do not accept any money from a trucking company representative. Otherwise you could limit your right to sue the trucking company later, after you have had a chance to see a doctor, rehabilitate and fully understand the injuries and financial costs the accident caused.

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