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A Leading Georgia Traumatic Brain Injury LawyerWhat Is A Traumatic Brain Injury?

tbi A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a catastrophic injury that disrupts normal brain function and is caused by an outside force, rather than an internal problem like a stroke. Unlike most other tissues of the body, brain tissue does not grow back, which means that any tissue damaged or destroyed by the injury is gone for good. Because the brain controls everything we do -- physical movement, emotion, senses, personality and thinking -- this can have a devastating effect on victims. Charles Scholle is a traumatic brain injury lawyer with the expertise and experience to navigate the challenging medical and legal issues involved with a TBI or traumatic head injury of any kind.

The most common TBI’s are concussions, but these can range from mild to serious and even a mild concussion can be very disruptive. TBIs are far more common than most people realize, with about 1.4 million Americans sustaining a TBI each year. Over five million Americans need lifelong or long-term help with daily life because of a TBI.

The most common cause of TBIs are falls, especially in children and the elderly, but other causes include:

Consult With A Georgia Head Injury Lawyer As Soon As Possible

If you, or someone you love, may have suffered a TBI it is important to consult with an expert as soon as possible. This cannot be overemphasized. Sometimes after an accident, victims decline treatment because they do not realize they have sustained a TBI. In addition, these injuries are not always easy to diagnose because they do not always leave a visible wound. Many TBI injuries and symptoms can take a few days or longer to become evident, which is why many TBI victims decline treatment after an accident.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies view a delayed diagnosis as a sign that you are being dishonest about your injuries and might try to avoid coverage. Even when your doctor diagnoses a TBI, insurers may use a delay in treatment as an excuse to deny coverage for an expensive-to-treat brain injury. That is why the legal team at Charles Scholle advises clients with a potential head injury to seek medical and legal advice, even if they feel fine.

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For nearly two decades, traumatic brain injury attorney Charles Scholle has specialized in representing clients injured through the negligence of others. He brings significant expertise in cases involving very serious injury, including brain injury claims. Serious brain injury cases are legally and medically complex. Charles Scholle understands not only the science, but how to value claims for damages in these cases, such as a lifetime of long-term care and a lost career. He has a record of positive results to back it up.

Perhaps most importantly, he understands what accident victims experience and works to ease their burdens by communicating closely and explaining things clearly and thoroughly, freeing them to get back to their jobs, their families and their lives. If you believe you have suffered a brain injury because of someone else's carelessness, contact Charles Scholle for help.

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