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Georgia Swimming Pool Injury Lawyer Dedicated to Excellence in Law PracticeWhat Is Swimming Pool Injury Liability?

Practice Area photoSwimming pool owners have special responsibilities when it comes to premises liability and safety. They are required to make sure that they have taken the steps necessary to avoid the injuries that can occur in and around swimming pools.

Americans enjoy swimming pools in our communities, homes, hotels, apartment buildings and elsewhere. But along with the fun, there are very real dangers. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported nearly 400 swimming pool fatalities per year in recent years and most of these involve small children. The situation is so serious that in 2010 the CPSC launched a major safety campaign to try to reduce injury and death related to swimming pools and spas. Atlanta Georgia’s Charles Scholle is a well-respected lawyer with nearly two decades of experience compassionately representing clients and their loved ones who have been seriously injured due to the property owners’ negligence.

Swimming pool owners can be held responsible for the following conditions, among others:

  • Failure to properly fence or to fence a swimming pool
  • Lack of supervision or negligent supervision
  • Failure to provide lifeguards or hiring inadequate lifeguards
  • Failure to post warning signs or inadequate signs about pool safety
Types of Swimming Pool Injuries

Swimming pool injuries can be caused by many circumstances. For example, a slippery area next to the pool might lead to a person falling in the pool or a filtering system or drainage system might pull a person under water and cause drowning. Or a diving board might be over water that is too shallow for safe diving with catastrophic injury to the diver. Other injuries that can result include:

Swimming pool liability is well established where the property owner is shown to have failed to have adequately protected people from injury in and around the swimming pool. These cases can be tragic because they often involve children and serious injury or death. They require the skill and expertise of a dedicated lawyer with knowledge about both personal injury litigation and premises liability, as well as, tragically wrongful death.

Legal Help for Swimming Pool Injuries

When property owners fail to take steps to protect people from injury, they are legally responsible for any injuries that result. Swimming pool injury victims and their families, may sue a property owner for compensation for their injuries as well as medical bills, lost wages from missed work and pain and suffering.

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As a client of Charles Scholle’s law firm, Scholle Law, you will receive personal attention and unlike in other law firms, you will not be simply “another case.” He has represented Georgia residents seriously injured by a property owner and his strong record of success as well as the trust he instills, enables clients to get their lives back as the litigation proceeds. He will work to recover compensation for medical care and lost wages. In most cases, he will seek pain and suffering damages for his clients. The respect he has earned from opposing counsel means that they know when a reasonable settlement offer is not made, he will go to trial.

Our legal team makes sure our clients are well informed about their cases, but protected from the day-to-day details of litigation. Our law practice is focused on helping our clients win the best possible financial recovery.

If you have lost a loved one or if you or a loved one have been injured through a swimming pool owner’s carelessness or negligence, Georgia swimming pool liability lawyer Charles Scholle can help. We offer free confidential consultations to all potential clients.

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