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Back and Neck Injuries When the spinal cord is damaged, the result is catastrophic injury. The spinal cord is a thick cord of nerve tissue contained and protected by our spines and vertebrae; it serves as the brain's control and communications center and can perform many basic physical functions without consulting the brain at all. When it is injured, communications with the brain are lost, usually forever. Like brain tissue, the spinal cord cannot heal itself the way other tissues can.

Severely injured victims of a spinal cord injury can suffer paralysis, paraplegia or quadriplegia (also called tetriplegia), permanent disabilities requiring lifelong accommodation in a wheelchair. Charles Scholle and the legal team at Scholle Law, are Fulton County, Georgia back and spine injury attorneys who have successfully represented many accident victims that suffer from spinal cord injuries. We help victims and their families throughout the Atlanta metro region to secure the support needed to deal with the complex aspects of these devastating injuries.

Thousands of Americans suffer a spinal cord injury every year, and about 200,000 live with a disability related to spinal damage. The most common causes of spinal cord injuries are:

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

The seriousness of a spine injury depends on (mainly) two things: where the injury is located and how badly the cord is damaged. The higher the injury is located on the back, the more movement and sensation the victim is likely to lose. Spinal cord injuries are classified as complete or incomplete, depending on whether the cord is completely severed at the point of injury, with some victims more severely affected than others. However, all can expect at least some loss of movement and sensation.

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Atlanta, Georgia spinal cord injury claims are life changing, complex and difficult both legally and emotionally. The disability itself is extremely challenging and often pain, suffering and increased risk of medical complications are also involved. That is why spinal cord injury victims often need compensation for unexpected career changes, the sudden inability to work and loss of other important life activities, such as the full ability to be a spouse or parent. Spinal cord injury cases require a dedicated legal team to take the time to research your injuries and to correctly value your case. Experts recommend that victims hire an experienced Georgia spinal cord injury attorney who will handle your case with care and compassion.

For over two decades, Scholle Law and spinal cord injury lawyer Charles Scholle, have represented Georgians who are seriously injured due to someone else's careless behavior. We have a strong record of results for our clients – financial recovery that helps clients get the medical care they need, make up for a lost income and compensate them for a life-changing injury. This depth of experience and expertise enables our legal team to understand the complicated legal and medical issues involved in a serious spinal damage claim. Victims of serious injury often experience anger, anxiety and uncertainty about the future and we provide each client the personal attention and time needed to explain your case thoroughly, keeping you updated on new case developments.

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