Roll Over Car Accidents

In recent years the Atlanta metro area, along with the entire country, has seen an increase in roll over accidents. Many types of vehicles can be involved in roll over crashes, such as SUV’s, trucks, pick-up trucks and other vehicles that carry passengers as well as loads. Roll over car accidents have been on the rise due to the popularity of larger vehicles such SUV’s, which have a greater likelihood of rollover due to their size, weight and center of gravity.

Georgia’s Office of Consumer Protection notes that most Americans believe they are actually safer in an SUV than a car and have a greater sense of power in these vehicles. But in fact, SUV’s roll over more often than passenger cars in motor vehicle crashes. In recent years, the roll over rate for SUV’s has been about 37 percent of fatal crashes. The rollover rate for passenger cars is about 15 percent.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that drivers can minimize their risk and injury by:

  • avoiding panic steering,
  • knowing the proper maneuvers such as reducing speed,
  • maintaining the proper tire pressure,
  • and making sure you have loaded your vehicle to distribute weight correctly.

They also suggest being cautious while driving on rural roads. Over three quarters of the roll over accidents in our country happen on rural roads where there might not be a shoulder or a barrier.

Atlanta roll over accident lawyer Charles Scholle is a highly rated lawyer with over two decades of experience in representing clients involved in roll over accidents. He leads the legal team at Scholle Law. Whether you were driving in a roll over accident or were a passenger in a vehicle involved, you need guidance and advice about recovering from your injuries and determining liability for the accident.

SUV roll over crashes in recent years have held the highest occupant fatality rate of any vehicle – higher than pickup trucks, vans and passenger cars. Efforts are being made to improve these vehicles to avoid roll over’s by making more SUV’s with a lower center of gravity, but they are still more difficult to handle in certain driving circumstances.

Unfortunately, even in single vehicle crashes, SUV’s are more likely to cause death or injury than other types of single vehicle crashes. This is because drivers can lose control of the vehicle, causing it to slip and making it nearly impossible for the driver to keep the vehicle with all four wheels on the road. Once gravity takes over, the SUV is more likely to roll over.

Charles Scholle is an experienced roll over car accident lawyer with the ability to help clients deal with the difficulties presented by these accidents. Often this type of crash causes severe or fatal injury. This is due to the forces that are at work as the vehicle is rolling. Such injuries as severe brain trauma and skeletal injuries can occur, often requiring tremendous medical cost and support.

Scholle Law can help you and your family members with the legal and medical support needed after a roll over accident. We provide the best in legal representation, along with the compassionate support that all victims need after a traumatic experience such as a roll over accident.

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