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What Causes Radiation Injury?

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Modern medicine has made many advances in the treatment and care of disease, but sometimes patients suffering with one illness can become the victims of additional injury due to the mistakes of medical personnel or defective medical devices. Radiation is used in the diagnosis and the treatment of disease, but can also harm the human body. The legal team at Scholle Law, led by Charles Scholle, are radiation injury attorneys and legal professionals who have successfully represented victims of many types of catastrophic personal injury.

Sometimes when using radiation medical personnel can harm a patient by providing the wrong amount of radiation or exposing radiation to tissues or organs that end up harmed as a result. When this happens, patients can be seriously injured as their skin and or organs have been exposed to improper levels of radiation.

How We Are Exposed To Radiation

We are all exposed to low levels of background radiation from natural sources such as radon gas, and radiation that occurs in the earth's atmosphere that is stronger at higher altitudes. Generally, these exposures, as well as the diagnostic use of radiation for such things as dental and chest x-rays and mammograms are not harmful.

Radiation As A Treatment

Radiation exposure from cancer treatments is generally intended to diagnose (CT or other scan) and reduce the presence of disease. However, a radiation injury can result from medical treatments where too much radiation is given to the patient, when organs are exposed that should not be and other variables. Radiation injury can occur after treatment for such diseases as testicular or ovarian cancer. Certain parts of the human body are more susceptible to radiation injury than others. But one thing is certain, too much exposure to radiation, too quickly, to certain body tissues and organs, can result in serious injury.

Specific injuries to the lungs and heart can result from excessive radiation to the chest area. High accumulations of radiation around the spinal cord can cause catastrophic damage such as paralysis or sensation loss. It is possible to detect radiation injury in several ways including changes to the blood, particularly in the white blood cells.

The symptoms of radiation injury depend upon the location in the body that has received the excessive dose and can include such things as nausea, vomiting, and skin changes such as peeling and sores. If you believe you or a loved one might have been improperly exposed to radiation by medical personnel, is important to consult with a legal specialist as soon as possible to protect your rights.

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