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Products liability law holds manufacturers legally responsible for the harm their products cause when those products are defective or fail to warn us about a safety hazard. This applies to all the consumer products we use, from food to furniture to children's toys. Atlanta metro area lawyer, Charles Scholle fights for Georgia residents who are injured or are killed by defective products.

Most of these products do not cause harm, but thousands are recalled every year because they pose potential threats such as:

  • Choking or strangulation hazards in products for small children
  • Lead paint or other toxic materials that could poison users
  • Electrical wiring problems leading to shock or fire
  • Tainted food products
  • Lack of safety restraints in products for infants and in off-road products
  • Defective seat belts, door latches, seats, tires or airbags in motor vehicles
  • Safety problems with prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications.

In recent years, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled many products due to safety concerns. There have been serious issues with infant cribs, egg and other products we use every day. Defective products cause on average about 200 deaths per year in American – some of these deaths are infants and children.

These statistics do not include wrongful deaths from problems with motor vehicles, food, medications or medical devices. When product defects lead to a death or serious injury in Georgia, victims have the right to sue the manufacturer for the costs of the injury, including compensation for their injuries and losses. Importantly, victims of defective products need not prove that the manufacturer knew about the problem. Under a legal doctrine called strict liability, manufacturers are liable for any serious product defects that victims can prove.

Under Georgia law, there are three ways in which a product can be defective. It can be defective by design -- that is, the product's original concept was flawed. One example of a design defect could be a product intended for babies that has an obvious choking hazard. It can also have a flaw introduced during manufacturing, such as salmonella introduced into a food product by unclean canning or bottling equipment. And it can be harmful because there was a hazard that the manufacturers had a duty to warn their customers about, including using the product in a way that may not have been intended, but was or should have been highly foreseeable.

Defective products can cause serious injuries and death, including the following:

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Victims of injuries caused by a defective product have the right to request full compensation for the costs and injuries the defective product caused -- including medical bills and funeral costs as well as compensation for physical pain, emotional suffering and any permanent disability or loss of a loved one. If you or a loved one have been injured by a product, food or other consumer goods, Georgia products liability attorney Charles Scholle can evaluate your legal rights and represent your legal rights against the responsible parties.

For nearly two decades, Charles Scholle has specialized in defending the rights of injured people, including people injured by flawed consumer products. He understands the complex legal and medical issues involved in these cases -- and perhaps more importantly, he understands that people who have recently suffered a devastating loss are feeling uncertain, angry and anxious about the future. Scholle Law communicates closely with his clients so that they know what they can expect as litigation proceeds and keeps them up-to-date as the case progresses.

To schedule your free confidential consultation please contact us online, send an email or call locally to 770-717-5100 or toll-free anytime to 1-866-972-5287. If a defective consumer product has hurt you, or someone you love, Charles Scholle has the expertise to help.

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