Probate v Non-Probate Assets

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estate plan A "probate" estate, as opposed to a "non-probate" estate, consists of all property governed by the decedent’s last will and testament. Generally, these probate assets consist of real estate, personal property and financial accounts titled in the decedent’s name solely or jointly, with no beneficiary designated in the instrument itself to take the property after death. Also included in a probate estate are funds payable to the estate after death and property over which the decedent had a power of appointment at the time of death.

In contrast to “probate” assets, "non-probate" assets are not controlled by a will and pass by operation of law at the time of death to the joint owner, named beneficiary, or remainderman. Non-probate assets may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Jointly owned assets with survivorship rights, such as joint bank accounts, stocks or real estate;
  • Retirement accounts payable by beneficiary designation;
  • Life insurance policies payable to a designated beneficiary;
  • Property held in trust during your life; and
  • Property in which you hold a "life estate."

Property ownership and beneficiary designations must be carefully coordinated with one’s will to minimize income and estate taxes and assure that the proper persons receive their inheritances.

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