Old Fourth Ward Atlanta, Georgia Injury Lawyer

The Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta, Georgia, also referred to by locals as 04W, is one of the finest examples of Atlanta’s resurgence and reinvention of its historical importance. From businesses to recreation, this area has enjoyed a revitalization that is the result of careful and considered planning. This area of the city has been the subject of much note by urban planners and designers around the country. In 2011, the famed Historic Fourth Ward Park was opened, providing nearly 20 acres of green space in a location that had previously been a neglected area. At the center of the newly emerged Old Fourth Ward is the lovely park that provides areas for visitors and locals to use in diverse and enjoyable ways. From the lake to the skate park to the playground for children, there is something for everyone in this wonderful park. In an area that once was essentially a flood-weary area, the lake is a functional feature that has helped to avoid downstream flooding. And an outdoor theater attracts many to the park for a variety of uses.

With all the enhancements to the Old Fourth Ward, there is also the very real potential for injury. Accidents and injuries can occur at any time. Whether injuries occur to a pedestrian walking across a street, or a tumble taken on an Old Fourth Ward street or sidewalk or within a business, sometimes injury can occur unexpectedly.

Old Fourth Ward Atlanta injury lawyer Charles Scholle has dedicated his law practice to those injured or harmed in all types of accidents and sustaining all types of injuries. Old Fourth Ward Atlanta lawyer Charles Scholle has the experience to handle cases involving a vast span of injuries, whether these injuries area due to a traffic accident or other cause. Attorney Scholle helps clients who have been injured in an Old Fourth Ward accident recover from their injuries with medical support and with legal expertise. He has the highest rating possible from his peers, which means that if you are injured in an Old Fourth Ward accident, he can help you secure your legal rights and remedies.

When the Old Fourth Ward Park was created, great care was taken to make sure that the latest concepts in sustainability and energy conservation were taken into account. The park includes the use of native greenery and even solar panels for energy use. The planning of the Old Fourth Ward was meticulous and collaborative as both local residents and commercial enterprises joined forces to ensure that land would be purchased and held for the creation of this marvelous new park. Various entities had to come together to make this happen and all Atlanta residents benefit from this type of careful planning to manage storm water and provide recreation for residents and visitors alike.

If you have sustained an injury while in the Old Fourth Ward, your recovery and support will begin when you contact Charles Scholle. He will provide a personal evaluation of your Old Fourth Ward injury and determine whether there is a possibility that others are responsible for your injury. This is your first step in recovering from your Old Fourth Ward injury and with many locations in the metro-Atlanta area, Scholle Law is here to help you recover after an injury.