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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Crashes Can Be Deadly

Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycles are fast, fun and fuel-efficient, making them a great way to get around metro Atlanta. Unfortunately, motorcycles also carry a much higher risk of serious accidents than other types of vehicles. According to the United States Department of Transportation, motorcyclists are 35 times more likely than drivers to be killed in an accident and eight times more likely to be injured -- and the rate of fatal accidents has increased. Statistics show that fatal motorcycle crashes are on the rise, which is why, if you are in a motorcycle crash, you need the help of experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys at Scholle Law.

Research shows that in the majority of two-vehicle motorcycle accidents, the cause of the accident is the driver of the other vehicle. The definitive U.S. study of motorcycle accidents, the Hurt Report, found that three-quarters of motorcycle crashes involve another vehicle, and of those two-thirds are caused by the other motorist by violating the rider's right of way. That means half of all motorcycle accidents are the result of other driver's bad driving.

Motorcycle Crash Injuries can be Catastrophic

When a motorcycle and another vehicle collide, the motorcyclist is at far greater risk of death or injury. Even when a motorcycle accident does not cause a wrongful death, it can cause catastrophic injuries, including brain injuries, spine injuries, multiple fractures, paralysis and organ damage.

These catastrophic injuries can lead to weeks of hospitalization and severe pain and suffering. In addition, serious, lifelong disabilities can also occur. Victims dealing with serious injuries are often hit with unexpected six-figure medical bills, even when they already have insurance. This can cause severe strain on a family already reeling from the effects of the injury.

There are several types of Atlanta motorcycle accidents, each of which can cause serious or fatal injuries to riders. These include:

Get Help With Your Insurance Company After a Bike Crash Injury

Sometimes the problems motorcyclists face after an accident include their insurance carrier. Insurance companies know that some people are prejudiced against motorcyclists, and they are willing to exploit this to deny an expensive claim, even if that means breaking their own contract with their insured. Motorcyclists might be told the accident was their fault; that their insurance policies will not cover the crash; or that failure to wear a helmet means they cannot make a claim.

Get Help to Protect Your Legal Rights

To get legal support, contact the Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers at Scholle Law.


Scholle Law represents Atlanta motorcycle accident victims in negotiations with insurance companies and, if necessary, in motorcycle accident lawsuits. With many years of law practice experience, our team understands the most common tactics insurance companies use to dodge their legal responsibilities -- and how to counter them. We understand the health, financial and personal difficulties accident victims and their families face. We work diligently to get our clients the best possible financial compensation, concentrating on the legal details and red tape so clients can concentrate on recovering from their injuries.

Many law firms do not pay personal attention to their clients. We are different. When we handle your case, we keep you up to date on important developments in your case so that you do not carry the burden of the legal part of your accident. This makes it possible for our clients to focus on getting past the trauma of their injuries and the accident. Read our client reviews and you will see this reflected in many of their reviews of their experience with us. Please contact us directly and as soon as possible to have your free confidential consultation with one of our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers by contacting us online, sending an email or calling either locally at 770-717-5100 or toll-free at 866-972-5287.

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