Morningside-Lenox Park, Atlanta Injury Lawyer

The Morningside Lenox Park area of Atlanta, Georgia is comprised of many residential neighborhoods. This part of Atlanta has several thousand residents and includes Lenox Park, Johnson Estates and other original subdivisions with a vibrant neighborhood association.

Morningside’s rich history includes the fact that it is the ancestral home of the Creek Indians -- which is also the case other areas of Atlanta. In addition to its very early native American history, Morningside Lenox Park, Atlanta also has the distinction of being later settled by those from other parts of the southern United States who came to the area to farm. The Morningside neighborhood was an important farming area and had a deep history in the area for those working the land. Across from what is now the Ansley Mall, an important mill was established and served as the location for local farmers and their milling needs. Mills were a critical part of the farming community and this mill was used for corn-grinding, cotton ginning and sawing.

Although the Morningside Lenox Park area is known for its history and modern-day residential and business vibrancy, there is also the potential for injury of all kinds from auto crashes, to pedestrian fatalities to falls and other accidents. The good news is that help is available after a Morningside, Atlanta injury because Morningside Atlanta injury lawyer Charles Scholle is known for his dedication to helping victims of injuries in Morningside Lenox Park, Atlanta and beyond.

Scholle Law handles cases that have involved catastrophic injury, including severe or fatal spinal injuries, brain injuries and other major serious injuries. But the firm also has helped many victims of Morningside Atlanta injuries that are more minor in nature, whether those are from a Morningside Atlanta truck or car accident or a slip and fall in a business. Even less catastrophic injuries can be very disruptive to one’s normal work and family life. When an injury occurs in Morningside Lenox Park, victims need support. Sometimes these injuries include broken bones, soft tissue and other injuries that can linger for months and even years. If you do not get support for your Morningside Atlanta personal injury, it is possible that you might needlessly struggle on your own when you could have the Scholle Law team fighting for you and your rights.

If you are hurt in a Morningside Lenox Park auto accident, pedestrian accident, truck accident or slip and fall accident, contact Charles Scholle and his team, they can help with the all aspects of getting you back to your job and family. We support the victims of Morningside Lenox Park accidents and hold those responsible for your injuries accountable to pay for your injuries and medical expenses. There is no need for you and your family to struggle on your own, or to try to deal with insurance companies when Scholle Law is here to help you and resolve your injury matter with professionalism and skill that are the hallmarks of our Morningside Lenox Park area law practice.