Midtown Atlanta, Georgia Car Accident

Midtown Atlanta, Georgia Car Accident

The rich cultural area in Midtown Atlanta brings many into this part of metro Atlanta that is also now known for its residential and business strengths. But Midtown Atlanta was not always a center of business, residential and cultural vibrancy. The area, along with its mansions along Peachtree Street that were once the envy of many, were left as the post-war era drove many into Atlanta’s growing suburbs. A concerted effort was made several decades ago to make this part of greater Atlanta a destination for great food and fun, as well as a good place to work and to live. And that effort has succeeded.

The cultural assets now found in Midtown Atlanta are vibrant and diverse, just like the population in this area. Midtown Atlanta cultural attractions house some of the finest arts organizations and events in the region. The beautiful Woodruff Arts Center is home to the famed Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Alliance Theater, which won the very prestigious and coveted Regional Theater Tony Award for 2007. The Tony Award in this area has been given to some of the finest regional theaters in the United States. Receiving this national award is truly a remarkable achievement for this fine cultural site in Midtown Atlanta.

The many thousands of visitors to the Midtown Atlanta area on an annual basis is made possible in part by the major roads and highways that traverse this area of metro Atlanta. With such major thoroughfares as Peachtree Street with its blocks and blocks of residences, offices and restaurants and Interstates 75 and 85 which tie Midtown Atlanta with Downtown to the south and Buckhead to the north, there are bound to some who come to this wonderful part of Atlanta, but end up in a Midtown Atlanta car accident, in which a driver and/or passengers are seriously injured or tragically, lose their lives.

A Midtown Atlanta car accident, resulting in serious injuries or death, is simply an unfortunate fact of modern life. Charles Scholle is dedicated to supporting those injured in a Midtown Atlanta car accident. He has the skill and the experience to assist those injured either on the roads within Midtown Atlanta or on the interstate highways I-75 and I-85 that border this region.

Accessibility to the Midtown Atlanta area has been one of the major reasons it has thrived, it also is one of the major reasons there are Midtown Atlanta car accidents. The major roads that line and are within Midtown Atlanta also bring rear-end Midtown Atlanta car accidents, side-swipe Midtown Atlanta car accidents and failure to yield at intersection Midtown Atlanta car accidents. Contacting Scholle Law after a Midtown Atlanta car accident is important for you and your family to determine whether you have legal rights to hold someone responsible for your injuries. You will consult with Mr. Scholle personally and there is no fee for this consultation.