Marietta, Georgia Auto Accident

Practice Area photo Marietta auto accident attorney Charles Scholle is here to give you some advice. Imagine you are in your car driving past the gas station. You see the red light up ahead, and you slowly start to hit your brakes. Before you know it, the driver of the car behind you has just bumped into you, because they did not see you braking. You were just in an accident in Marietta, Georgia.  First, make sure you stop your car and swap information with the other people involved in the accident. Call the police, even you do not think anyone seems hurt. The police will write up an accident report that includes who was cited, where the accident took place and a diagram of what happened.

Once you have filed a report with the police officer, make sure you are prepared to recount the incident to an attorney. Write the details of the accident down when they are fresh in your mind. Collect information including the time of the accident, the make and model of car involved, the contact and personal information of all those involved, the location of the collision, the road conditions, and if possible the contact information of the police officer who drafted the report. This report can help your attorney get an unbiased view of the facts, so he can tell you whether the severity of your accident will merit hiring an attorney.

Another thing you can do as soon as the accident happens is to make sure you go to the doctor. Often, minor car accidents can still result in some injuries like neck injury, spine injury, back injury, or head injury. One of the most important things to remember is that even if you do not want to go on the ambulance, it is extremely important to get to a doctor right away and tell them what hurts. Having a doctor’s notes in writing will help your lawyer interpret how the injuries you sustained were caused by the accident and how they may practically impact your life going forward.

Then, contact trusted personal injury attorney Charles Scholle so that he can begin help you deal with financial burdens of the accident. Because of his experience in dealing with other cases in Georgia, Charles Scholle will work to get you the compensation that you need.