Manufacturing Defect Car Accidents

Manufacturing defect car accidents are those in which a vehicle has gone through the manufacturing process, but a defect in that process ends up being the cause of damage or injury in an accident. When a manufacturing defect is shown to be the cause of a metro Atlanta accident, the manufacturer can be held responsible for all or part of the resulting injuries and damage.

Accident victims can bring suit against car-makers for poor design or manufacturing defects. No matter how many vehicles an auto manufacturer brings off the line, there are some that will end up with defects and some of those will cause serious or fatal injury due to those defects. Sometimes catastrophic injuries can result. These can be life changing and if they are due to a manufacturing defect, the car-maker needs to be held accountable.

To prove this in a legal action, you must retain a lawyer with the ability to develop and present a case against the manufacturer that is sound and convincing. It is necessary to prove that the defect occurred during the manufacturing process and that it played a role in causing the accident.

Atlanta manufacturing defect car accident lawyers at Scholle Law, led by Charles Scholle represents the victims those injured in manufacturing defect car accidents. Sometimes a defect is not obviously the cause of an accident. Sometimes evidence is unwittingly discarded or destroyed. It takes a skilled lawyer with the ability to assess all possible causes of an accident, to prove that a defect in the car, truck or motorcycle was the cause of the accident.

Defects can be found in the engine, accelerator, braking system, computers, tires or any other part of the car. Although motor vehicles that are manufactured today are safer than in the past, defects do slip through the manufacturing process and can be proven to be the cause of the accident with supporting evidence.

Whether a specific defect is the cause of an accident often depends on the evaluation and testimony of expert witnesses that can provide solid testimony about any failures in the manufacturing process through scientific evidence and/or industry practice. This includes a review of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) promulgated by the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NTHSA). These standards can be relevant to any manufacturing defect car accident case and should be evaluated if there is a concern that the manufacturer might have failed to comply with these standards.

In recent years we have seen legal cases brought against manufacturers for such things as faulty accelerators, defective air bags and seat belts. In some cases, we have seen accelerators that appear to become stuck causing a vehicle to race out of control. We have also seen cases in which an air bag fails to properly deploy on impact, which results in serious injury or death. Other cases involve an air bag that deploys and the airbag itself causes injury.

Scholle Law has the reputation and legal skill to build the necessary factual case against the manufacturer of any type of motor vehicle, whether car, truck or motorcycle.


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