Lake Lanier Boating Accident Lawyer

Practice Area photo Lake Sidney Lanier, known by most as Lake Lanier, is one of Georgia's largest lakes, formed by the Buford Dam on the Chattahooche. Every year there are many accidents on Lake Lanier in Georgia. According to the United States Coast Guard, there were nearly 5,000 boating accidents in just one year in the United States. Many of these accidents were caused by factors like weather conditions and mechanical failures and more than 3,000 of those collisions resulted in injuries to the people involved.

Some of these boat accidents can be attributed to a careless mistake or a wrong turn, while others were caused by intoxicated operators. As with a car or truck accident, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after your accident. Lake Lanier boat accident attorney Charles Scholle will help you recover financial compensation for your injuries, ranging from pain and suffering to medical expenses that you were burdened with as a result of your accident.

Also like a car accident, there are ways to build a strong case from the moment after the accident. You should collect information of everyone involved in the accident, including insurance information, phone numbers, and addresses. You should take note of the degree of injuries sustained by any of the people involved, whether they are broken bones or brain injuries. Additionally, you should take note of the environment and extent of the damage to the boat.
By contacting a lawyer with this information, he can immediately work to take some of the stress off your plate. An experienced boat accident lawyer will handle the insurance companies and other parties involved so you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery. Furthermore, a boat accident attorney will stand up for your rights and make sure that the insurance company doesn’t talk you into an unfair or low settlement.

Attorney Charles Scholle is here to answer any legal questions you have that pertain to the personal injuries you or a loved one has received. Just give him a call today to schedule your free consultation.