Lake Hartwell Boating Accident Lawyer

Practice Area photo Less than 2 hours from Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, North Carolina and Greenville, South Carolina,  Lake Hartwell is an attractive vacation spot for many people looking forward to boating, jet skiing, sailing, or participating in other lake activities. Unfortunately, many people are seriously injured each year in boating-related accidents that result from the negligent use of boats and personal watercrafts. If you are involved in a boat accident, Lake Hartwell boat accident lawyer Charles Scholle can help.

Boating accidents happen all the time, and the causes can vary. Sometimes a boat operator was traveling at reckless and unsafe speeds on the water. Other times, a boat owner may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or otherwise negligent when operating the vehicle, as is the case with a third of all boating accidents. Even more tragic is when an accident results because the boat has a malfunctioning part. Uncontrollable circumstances like heavy winds or rains could cause boat accidents.

The fact is most boat accidents happen when inexperienced boaters face a new area and make a novice mistake or when experienced boaters are being negligent. Under Georgia law, if someone operates a boat negligently, he or she will be at fault. Being “negligent” is defined as failure to conduct one’s self as reasonably given the circumstances.  Although the jury ultimately decides whether the boater acted reasonably, a reasonable boater would likely be seen as one who follows all the rules and regulations and acts in a way to encourage the safety of all those on the boat and the surrounding area.

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