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Practice Area photoThe city of Kennesaw was established around the construction of a railroad that connected Atlanta to Cartersville in the 1830s. The town was originally known as “Big Shanty” because workers built shanties around the area as it had good water supply and easy access to the railroad as it was being constructed. During the civil war “Big Shanty” served as a training ground for Confederate soldiers and was later taken over by General Sherman during his march to the sea. The town had to completely rebuild after the civil war and was prosperous in the early 1900s due to cotton production. They experienced an economic downturn in the 1950s due to closing of cotton mills and the boll weevil ruining cotton crops. Since the 1980s Kennesaw has grown and prospered with the construction of many shopping centers and housing. In 2007 Kennesaw was named one of the “10 best towns for families” by Family Circle magazine.

Near I-75 in Cobb County, Kennesaw is the hub of many tractor trailer routes, trucking facilities and warehouses. It is also near Lake Allatoona, a location of many boating accidents. Charles Scholle can help if you are ever injured in an automobile wreck, tractor trailer collision or truck accident. He has an office near Buckhead in Atlanta and near the Perimeter in Dekalb County and serves clients throughout Metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia. To talk more about your case at a free, confidential consultation, please contact the firm online, Email, or call 1-866-972-5287 or, in Gwinnett County, 770-717-5100.

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Cobb County Fire Department 770-528-8000