Jackson County Truck Accident

Practice Area photoTrusted attorney Charles Scholle has a thorough understanding of state and federal trucking regulations, and years of experience handling tractor-trailer accident litigation in Jackson County, Georgia to back it up. He will help you recover fair compensation by conducting a meticulous investigation to determine the cause of your eighteen-wheeler accident. Jackson truck accident lawyer Charles Scholle can help you sort through those issues and exercise your legal rights.

The average semi truck can weigh more than 80,000 pounds. That is 20 times the weight of an average car. If you consider that difference, plus the extra length and higher center of gravity when compared to a car, it is not hard to imagine why these massive vehicles can cause serious accidents and severe injuries. Besides recovering from the common physical injuries caused by truck accidents, such as crush injuries, amputations, and broken bones, anyone at the other end of a large truck accident will also have to deal with issues like insurance coverage and determining fault.

By talking with an attorney, you can get expert guidance and look at the details of your accident to determine who was at fault, whether it is the truck driver, the truck manufacturing company, or the truck operating company. Each truck accident is unique with many possible causes, but most accidents are generally due to either driver negligence or manufacturing defects in the trailer. Driver negligence, which may simply be the result of a lack of experience or training, can include speeding, veering and swerving, aggressive tailgating, and lack of attention to the road. In fact, roughly one in five truck accidents is caused by driver fatigue or drug use. Semi truck design defects may include inoperative brakes, faulty or dim trailer lights, and problems with underride guards.

Timing is of the essence when coping with the aftermath of a severe large truck accident. Sometimes even moments after the accident occurs, the insurance companies representing the trucking company will send out investigators and do everything to dismiss your case as quickly as possible with as small a settlement as possible. This poses a huge problem when you are faced with ten of thousands of dollars in medical bills months later.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a Jackson County truck accident, contact truck accident attorney Charles Scholle immediately to schedule a consultation to discuss your legal options.