Highway Auto Accidents

Atlanta highway auto accidents can be serious and deadly. We have many Interstate highways in our region and many auto accidents occur on them on a regular basis.

The Georgia Governor’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is intended to reduce highway auto crashes, injuries and fatalities. The effort is also intended to support the betterment of education, engineering, enforcement and emergency medical services. The hope is that drivers will ‘Buckle up, slow down and drive sober.”

Atlanta highway auto accident lawyer Charles Scholle, supports Georgia’s efforts to keep our citizens safe on our highways. But when highway auto accidents occur, Charles Scholle is ready to do what he has done for two decades, assist accident victims who are suffering from serious injuries, such as spinal injuries, brain injuries, skeletal injuries, soft tissue injuries and other medical challenges. With nearly two decades in law practice, Charles Scholle has developed a reputation for excellence and compassion.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes that in 2012 an estimated 16,290 people died in motor vehicle traffic crashes. This is an increase of about 9.0 percent as compared to the same time frame for 2011. This clearly indicates that Americans are at greater risk when they head out on our highways. And highway auto accidents appear to be on the rise. That means more people will be injured or killed on our roads.

Families need help when a tragic accident occurs. When you and your family are represented by Charles Scholle you can rest assured that insurance companies and the defendants’ counsel know that he will fight until you and your family receive the compensation you deserve for the negligence of other drivers in highway auto accident cases. His commitment and care for victims of highway auto accidents with severe or fatal injuries has been demonstrated in his law practice for the past two decades. He will make your highway auto accident recovery a priority and will communicate with you every step of the way.

When some drivers get on the highway, they are actually not ready to drive safely. They might be distracted drivers using their cell phones or PDA’s, they might be fatigued or under the influence of medication, alcohol or drugs. Some drivers habitually drive aggressively which is a very dangerous practice. They might also think that speeding will get them more quickly to their destination – but instead it greatly raises the likelihood of a highway auto accident.

Charles Scholle supports Georgia’s Injury Prevention Program that is intended to prevent injuries in our major cities, such as Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Although this program hopes to enhance a safety culture and create safe environments, highway auto accidents will continue to happen and when they do, you could have Charles Scholle as your advocate.


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