Head On Collisions

Head on collisions are among the most dangerous motor vehicle accidents on Georgia’s highways and rural roads. Even with the advent of air bags and the use of safety belts, these crashes can be catastrophic and often fatal. Although head on collisions occur more rarely than other types of car accidents, such as rear-end accidents, the injuries and potential for fatalities is higher than in other types of accidents.

Atlanta head on collision lawyer Charles Scholle, leads the legal team of fine lawyers and legal professionals at Scholle Law. He is a highly rated personal injury lawyer with the understanding and knowledge to help victims and their families handle the consequences of a Georgia head on collision. His experience handling the medical, emotional and financial impact of personal injury cases, provides the support needed to guide clients through the recovery process. Our legal team includes experienced lawyers in these areas of practice.

There are many causes for head on collisions in which one vehicle leaves its lane of travel and moves into oncoming traffic. These can include driver impairment due to alcohol or drugs, driver impairment due to a medical emergency or lack of knowledge of a particular roadway. Driver error or lack of clear roadway markings for on ramps and off ramps can also result in a head on collision.

Some tragic head on collisions occur on roads in weather conditions, such as ice or snow, which might cause a lane departure by one vehicle moving into the lane of on-coming traffic. Excessive speed of vehicles involved in a head on collision, can make the impact more likely to that the impact of a head on collision.

As an experienced catastrophic injury lawyer, Charles Scholle and his law firm, Scholle Law, knows that after a head on collision injured victims and their loved ones need the legal and medical support of an experienced legal expert. We will fully investigate your case and will keep you informed along the way about progress in your head on collision matter.


We know the legal process is stressful and we protect our clients from dealing with that stress. We help clients deal with the emotional impact of head on collisions. We support and protect families by helping them through the process of medical recovery, rehabilitation, insurance claims and the litigation process. We fight for the compensation you deserve after a serious accident. During our vigorous representation in your head on collision case, we will work to secure what you and your family are entitled to receive from the responsible party or parties.

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