Georgia Low Speed Vehicle Law (Section 40-6-360 to 40-6-362)

Practice Area photoLegal Commentary . The Georgia laws on low speed vehicles, as defined in O.C.G.A. § 40-1-1 (25.1), covers a few important aspects of driving a low speed vehicle in Georgia. If you consider hiring a Georgia attorney to handle your low speed vehicle accident or motor vehicle accident case, the attorney should be thoroughly read in Georgia laws on electric personal assistive mobility devices and knowledgeable of the Georgia case law in regards to electric personal assistive mobility device. As an experienced vehicle accident lawyer, Charles Scholle has represented catastrophically injured people and bereaved families for nearly two decades, building a strong record of successes.

The first important aspect of the low speed vehicle statutes in Georgia is that an operator or driver of a low speed vehicle must abide by the same rules that other drivers do and if they do this, they will receive the same rights as other drivers in Georgia. Interestingly, low speed vehicles, like electronic personal assistive mobility devices, can be driven on Georgia roadways provided the speed limit is not greater than 35 m.p.h.; however, an electronic personal assistive mobility device can also be operated on a roadway with speed limits greater than 35 m.p.h. as long as there are bicycle lanes for the device to be operated in. Low speed vehicles are not given permission under these Georgia statutes on low speed vehicles to be operated on any roadway with a speed greater than 35 m.p.h. even if there are bicycle lanes.

Under this Georgia law, low speed vehicles are granted access to a full lane of traffic to use provided they only pass as provided in O.C.G.A. § 40-6-361.

Interestingly this statute does not specify what the penalty will be for violating Georgia statutes on low speed vehicles. Without explicitly clarifying this, a Court may read this that the Georgia Legislature intended such violations to be a motor vehicle violation.

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