Georgia Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device Laws (Section 40-6-320 to 40-6-327)

Practice Area photoLegal Commentary . Georgia laws on Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices, as defined in O.C.G.A. § 40-1-1(15.6), are liberal to operators of such devices, such as an electric wheelchair, as they permit the vehicles to be driven on Georgia roadways and highways, on sidewalks, parked on sidewalks and if any violations do occur, the penalty is only $500.00 fine, not a moving traffic violation or a criminal offense. If you consider hiring a Georgia attorney to handle your electric personal assistive mobility device accident or motor vehicle accident, the attorney should be thoroughly read in Georgia laws on electric personal assistive mobility devices and knowledgeable of the Georgia case law in regards to electric personal assistive mobility device. As an experienced vehicle accident lawyer, Charles Scholle has represented catastrophically injured people and bereaved families for nearly two decades, building a strong record of successes.

Interestingly, the eight Georgia statutes on Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device not only grant the operators of the devices great leeway in using the devices but also grant commissioners and Georgia's municipalities with great leeway in providing further restrictions and prohibitions on the uses of such devices within their jurisdiction.

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