Georgia Bicycle Laws (Section 40-6-290 to 40-6-299)

Legal Commentary. Practice Area photoThe Georgia laws that govern cycling and bicycle safety are the most specific guidelines for legal bike operation in Georgia. Of course, there are many other statutory rules of the road, DOT guidelines, public safety regulations and related laws that are not specifically limited to bicycles, but cover all vehicles. If you consider hiring a Georgia bicycle injury and cycling accident attorney, he should have a thorough understanding of the below statutes, as well as the caselaw interpreting applicability of the law to a particular bike accident.

Bicycle operation in Georgia should be a safe, environmentally-friendly means of recreation and transportation. However, automobile driver ignorance or indifference to the rights of cyclists and bikers can create dangerous traffic situations. These statutes protect cyclists from such drivers, and they also protect some dangerous cyclists from themselves.

Too often, the victim of a cycling accident or a child who suffers serious injury such as severe head, neck or spine injuries or even wrongful death because of the negligent acts or omissions of someone in a vehicle, does not understand the laws protecting cyclists in Georgia.

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