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Practice Area photoGainesville Georgia, is located on the shores of Lake Lanier and in the foothills of the Appalachian trail and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Originally called Mule Camp Springs, Gainesville was settled near the crossing of two historic Indian trails. In 1821 when Hall County was established, Gainesville was made the county seat. Gainesville is home to many chicken processing plants and is often called the chicken capital of the world. Currently, the population of Gainesville is close to 30,000 people.

As a recreation destination for many of the citizens of Georgia, Lake Lanier is one of the largest lakes in Georgia. The lake was named in honor of Georgia author and musician Sidney Lanier and was created in 1958 when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dammed the Chattahoochee River near Buford, Georgia flooding the Appalachian valley. Lake Lanier serves three main purposes for the citizens of Georgia: hydro-electricity, flood-control and as a reservoir providing water to the city of Atlanta.

Lake Lanier is an extremely popular and crowded recreation destination. There are many boating accidents, automobile accidents and tractor trailer accidents that occur near the Gainesville area as a result of Lanier activities. In addition, the chicken trucks and distribution outlets in Hall and Gwinnett Counties can create dangerous conditions for commuters.

Charles Scholle is proud to have represented many Gainesville residents who have suffered injuries in serious auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and tractor trailer accidents. Since 1995, he has helped people who have suffered a loss in the family or a serious injury get the financial compensation to which they are legally entitled.

If you have been seriously hurt in a car or tractor-trailer accident near Gainesville, Charles Scholle would like to help. From his main office in on Sugarloaf Parkway near Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County, he serves clients throughout Metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia. To talk more about your case at a free, confidential consultation, please contact the firm online, Email, or call 1-866-972-5287 or, in Gwinnett County, 770-717-5100.

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