Falling Debris Truck Accidents

Truck cargo must be properly loaded and secured on any truck traveling in Georgia. On Atlanta’s roads, debris falling from trucks, whether cargo or parts of the truck itself, can be dangerous and lethal to others on the road, especially due to the congestion in our metro area. When debris falls from a truck, it can quickly cause chaos and dangerous road conditions given the weight of cargo and speed these large vehicles travel. Other vehicles on the road can end up having to swerve to avoid hitting falling cargo, or the cargo can fall directly on to other cars or motor vehicles, which can cause serious injury or even death.

Falling debris truck accidents can occur in various circumstances. And others on the road, whether in cars or other vehicles, can end up in an accident that is otherwise preventable. Some trucks carry very heavy equipment or parts that can roll or fall off when they are not chained or secured properly. Sometimes a truck that has jack-knifed or been involved in an accident spills its load, which can create a difficult condition for other drivers, whether produce, animals, construction equipment or hazardous materials.

Atlanta truck accident lawyer Charles Scholle represents those who have suffered injury after a falling debris truck accident. He also represents the families of those who have lost their lives in these very serious accidents in what is called a wrongful death case. Since effectively litigating tractor-trailer accidents requires a level of expertise that differs from other types of motor vehicle crashes, it is important to retain a lawyer that has the ability to properly manage and research these matters. This is why hiring Charles Scholle makes an important difference in the success of your truck accident case.

When investigating a falling debris truck accident case, it is important to ensure that all applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations are taken into account. These regulations require that motor carriers and drivers ensure that their trucks are loaded properly and that their cargo is secured. This often requires a number of important steps to build the strongest case and secure the best recovery, such as interviewing witnesses, hiring experts and discovering all the facts, including driver and carrier history of accidents and prior violations, if any.

Charles Scholle has a stellar reputation earned among his peers for not only excellence in the law, but for his ethical standards. He has received the highest ratings possible for these skills. His ability as a lawyer is matched by his dedication to his clients. They know that Charles Scholle is dedicated securing their best interests throughout their case to get the best result possible. He is committed to communicating with his clients and treats those he represents with the attention they deserve while going through the often very difficult and sometimes traumatic recovery from truck accident.

Atlanta falling debris truck accident lawyer Charles Scholle and Scholle Law, fights for his clients and he will fight for you and your legal rights against the trucking company, driver and anyone else responsible for harming you. He will support you through the entire process, helping with the medical support you and your family might need as a result of injuries sustained in a truck crash.


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