Elderly Driver Car Accidents

Older driver car accidents are becoming a wider concern in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. In the next two decades, there will be 72 million older adults in America over age 65 and one out of every four licensed drivers will be an older driver.

Compared with drivers between 30 and 59 years old, drivers aged 75 or older have a higher driver death rate. This means that for every mile driven, an older driver is three times more likely to have a car crash than other adults. And those drivers who are 85 and older have an auto crash rate as high as teens and young adults. National researchers have found that overall older drivers 75 years of age and older are responsible for 70%-80% of deaths in two-vehicle car crashes. Often elderly drivers carry older passengers in their vehicles and if they are harmed in a car accident, their injuries can be worse than for younger passengers.

Atlanta car accident lawyer Charles Scholle and his team of lawyers and legal professionals, represent clients who have been injured by older drivers. In the event of an elderly driver car accident, it is very important to secure the guidance of a legal expert with the ability to handle the particular issues and injuries involved with older drivers, passengers and victims. We respect and love our elders, but when their reaction time, health or cognition is failing and an accident occurs, due to their fault or that of another driver, it can be traumatic for all concerned.

In addition, if you have a family member that is an older driver, it is very important to determine their competency to continue driving. Drive with them and check the condition of their vehicle. Often, you will see damage to the vehicle of an elderly driver that reveals a clear issue with the ability to drive safely. Make sure their driver’s license is current and if it isn’t take them to renew it. If they are over the age of 65, Georgia requires a vision test which can help keep them safe.

Scholle Law guides victims and their families through the medical and legal issues involved in elderly driver motor vehicle crashes. As personal injury lawyers and legal professionals, Scholle Law has the expertise needed to gather important evidence and seek recovery for personal injuries that result from motor vehicle accidents. We guide clients through the financial and medical recovery after an elderly driver car crash.


For over two decades, Charles Scholle and the legal team at Scholle Law, has helped injured victims and their families manage the difficult recovery from accident and injury caused by others. We support families to secure their legal rights and the proper medical attention at times when they need that support most. If you have a loved one who has been involved in an elderly driver accident, we are here to help.

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