Downtown Atlanta, Georgia Wrongful Death

Downtown Atlanta has one of the best locations for Atlanta residents and visitors alike, to enjoy the beautiful southern climate. This area boasts the wonderful community asset, Piedmont Park, which brings a special setting for all to share the beauty of Atlanta. Like all great cities, Atlanta planners had the foresight to create the park for all to share and enjoy the lake, paths and plantings throughout the year. Downtown Atlanta would just not be the same without this green space for fun and recreation. The park is not the only place to enjoy Downtown Atlanta’s natural beauty. The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a great place to learn about different plants and trees, some quite exotic. Downtown Atlanta is also a destination for nightlife, including great restaurants and clubs, which provide gathering places for those visiting the city and residents alike.

Downtown Atlanta has many attractions and nightlife, along with businesses and residential communities that dot this area. As in any major city, tragedy can strike at any time and there can be accidents of all kinds that cause serious injury and even loss of life. A Downtown Atlanta wrongful death might occur as the result of a traffic accident, highway motor vehicle crash, pedestrian accident or bicycle crash. There is no way to avoid such tragedy in any large city and Downtown Atlanta is no different. When a loved one is hurt in an accident of any kind in such a way that death results, the victim’s family members can bring a legal action called a wrongful death action after loss of life in Downtown Atlanta.

Because wrongful death is a somewhat complex action, a Downtown Atlanta wrongful death case, requires proof of various damages that might include such things as the deceased person’s medical expenses if the victim initially survives a crash or other accident and it might also include a significant amount of economic recovery for those surviving, such as a spouse or children. Economic damages can be due to loss of earnings that would have otherwise been earned during the deceased’s lifetime. This is an important way to make the surviving family members of a Downtown Atlanta wrongful death, more stable economically.

But an attorney who is familiar with the technical aspects of these matters should bring a Downtown Atlanta wrongful death action of the grieving family and the level of skill needed cannot be underestimated. Attorney Charles Scholle represents families who have lost a loved one as a result of a Downtown Atlanta wrongful death. He brings not only his stellar reputation, but his legal skill to these cases as well as his compassion and dedication. It is one of the most painful and difficult times in the life of a family and Attorney Scholle takes the burden off the shoulders of the family and provides the legal expertise needed to deal with the technical issues involved in these difficult situations.

Scholle Law has a history of providing compassionate representation to those dealing with a wrongful death. Survivors have enough to deal with in mourning the loss of a loved one or loved ones. The support provided by Attorney Scholle and his legal team after a Downtown Atlanta wrongful death is critical to the emotional and financial recovery of family members.