Doraville, Georgia Wrongful Death

Practice Area photoIn Georgia, the number of deaths caused by traffic accidents per year has decreased by 10 percent in the past 15 years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That sounds like a good thing, until you realize that there are still over 1,000 deaths a year. Those 1,000 lives are lost forever, and each family that was left behind had to cope with the tragedy of a wrongful death. These deaths can happen anywhere, even in Doraville, Georgia. Although it can be difficult to reach out for help at this time, Doraville wrongful death attorney Charles Scholle can help ease at least the financial burdens.

A wrongful death is a death that results from a wrongful act or an act of negligence committed by an individual or a company. If someone you know has passed away because of the carelessness of another person, this time is undoubtedly an emotional challenge for you and your family. Wrongful death attorney Charles Scholle representing clients throughout the state of Georgia. With years of experience a comprehensive understanding of the legalities of wrongful death claims, Charles Scholle is ready to put up an aggressive fight to get your family justice by holding the negligent person or company accountable for the death of your loved one.

It is only a start to the long process of recovery, but giving the daunting task of sorting through legal documents and medical papers to a skilled wrongful death lawyer can help relieve some of your distress. In Georgia, the surviving spouse, child, or parent usually brings wrongful death cases forward on behalf of the deceased individual. However, there are circumstances where other people related to the deceased, such as grandparents, legal dependants and extended family members, can bring the case forward. Your legal rights entitle you to monetary compensation for medical bills treating injuries like spinal cord injuries, lost income, lost prospect of inheritance, funeral costs and emotional pain and suffering associated with the loss of life of your loved one. An exception to this right is that you cannot sue another family member for wrongful death.

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