Construction Site Car Accidents

Construction site car accidents occur in and around metro Atlanta and Gwinnett County as we build or improve our city’s commercial and residential areas. Serious car accidents can result from Atlanta area drivers maneuvering in and around construction sites on our roads and highways during road repairs or improvements.

Construction site car accidents can be caused by various factors and circumstances. These accidents can occur at any time of day or night and can result in severe damage to property and injuries to drivers and their passengers. Some examples include situations in which drivers are not clear which lane they must travel in due to lack of signage or blockage, construction debris on the road or other obstructions that make visibility difficult.

Any one of these situations can create the conditions that result in an accident in which victims sustain catastrophic, or even fatal, injuries. The families of fatally injured construction site car accident victims can file suit against defendants responsible in what is called a wrongful death action.

Atlanta construction site car accident lawyer Charles Scholle, along with the legal team at Scholle Law, will help you and your family deal with the legal issues, injuries, property loss and suffering that can result from a serious construction site car accident. We have a great deal of experience handling cases in which defendants do not want to take responsibility for their actions. Insurance carriers know that when we are retained we will fight for our clients’ recovery and we will go to trial if necessary. Our reputation and highly rated law practice makes our involvement in a case an important factor in getting the best financial recovery possible.

Atlanta residents must deal with potential hazards of road construction projects nearly year round. Construction site car accidents can occur on a country road or on a major interstate highway. They can occur during the commute hours or on a weekend drive.

Some of these accidents are caused by such circumstances as: improperly marked lanes of travel that force cars into dangerous or hazardous situations; construction debris that workers fail to remove; poor visibility that makes it difficult for drivers to see the road ahead or around them; failures to provide sufficient time for drivers to avoid construction hazards or a construction zone. Just one of these problems can result in a car swerving out of its lane into other traffic or oncoming traffic, in addition to other situations in which drivers must avoid a construction site hazard, but end up in a collision with equipment or other vehicles on the road.

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