Clayton County Auto Accident

Practice Area photoClayton County, Georgia has a population of nearly 300,000 people and has several major roads like Interstate 75, U.S. Route 41, and State Route 138 running right through it.  It is no surprise that there are hundreds of car accidents that result in injuries in this area each year, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation.  The high number of cars driving on roads in Riverdale, Hampton, and Jonesboro, puts drivers in this area at risk of getting into an automobile accident.  When you become one of those unfortunate drivers who has just been hit by another car, Clayton County auto accident attorney Charles Scholle can help.
Many people who have just been involved in an accident do not think that getting help from a lawyer is even necessary.  However, by hiring trusted auto accident attorney Charles Scholle, you can have an expert by your side to help you work through the legal and medical jargon that is involved.  A lawyer will also be able to analyze the specifics of your case to determine who the fault lies with, which is especially important if you feel that you might have been incorrectly blamed for the accident.  By consulting a lawyer, you will also be protected from insurance companies, who sometimes involve their own attorneys and can catch you off guard, causing you to settle without knowing your rights.  A lawyer can sort through the terms of your policy and sift through confusing paperwork and forms to act in your best interests when negotiating with the insurance company.  They will work to collect evidence to strengthen your case and give you some peace of mind.

Additionally, hiring an attorney is especially important when it is clear that there has been serious or permanent injury like traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, burn injury, amputation injury, and paraplegia injury.  These sorts of injuries have massive costs that may not be apparent initially, and the burden of paying for ongoing surgeries and treatments is not one you should have to bear on your own.  In cases that involve severe physical injury, hiring a lawyer can simply give you more time to focus on recovering and rest assured that someone else will take care of the legal issues.

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