Bus, Train and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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Bus, Train and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

The Impact of Commercial Transportation Accidents

Statistically, crashes involving commuter transportation or "common carriers" are rare. This type of transportation includes school buses, MARTA buses, mass transit, commuter trains, AMTRAK trains, subways, airplanes, charter buses and long-distance carriers. However, when accidents involving this type of transportation do occur, results can be much more serious than with a passenger car. Buses and rail cars carry many people and they almost never have seat belts creating dozens of potential victims in the event of an accident. In a serious Georgia bus or train accident, this can mean often highly preventable tragedy. Atlanta bus, train accident lawyer Charles Scholle and the Scholle Law team of lawyers and legal professionals have significant expertise in representing the victims of serious accidents involving catastrophic injury. They have earned a reputation for excellence in law practice and have helped many clients over the years. Our client reviews tell the story of Scholle Law --- we represent bus, train and commercial vehicle accident victims with skill and care.

Some common injuries resulting from commercial vehicle accidents can include:

Of course, victims suffer different types of injury, often depending on the type of auto accident in which they are involved.

Bus and other commercial vehicle crashes are a hazard to passengers as well as to pedestrians and others in smaller vehicles. Buses and many other commercial vehicles are large and heavy, so that just as in truck accidents extra weight means extra force and greater damage on impact - which can result in death or very serious injury.

Bus accidents and other accidents involving commercial vehicles pose special legal challenges, because they involve businesses or governmental with greater accident resources and experience than the average commuter. Bus companies, transit agencies or other controlling organizations can get a head start investigating and dealing with the accident, while victims and their families are still recovering.

Many government entities enjoy what is called "sovereign immunity" which limits the extent to which they have to pay for injuries to passengers. They, and their insurance companies, may also be willing to go to great lengths to avoid paying a penny more to victims than they have to. But you can get protection.

Protect Your Rights -- Consult a Commercial Vehicle Injury Lawyer

If you have been hurt in a bus or other commercial vehicle accident, never accept any payments or sign any forms from the bus company or transit authority, before speaking to the Atlanta lawyers at Scholle Law led by Charles Scholle. We have substantial experience with the special issues involved in commercial vehicle accidents, including bus accidents.


If you or someone you care about was hurt in a commercial vehicle accident in Metro Atlanta, you will benefit from Scholle Law's support. We are a highly-respected Atlanta injury law firm.

We offer a free confidential consultation, so you risk nothing and will learn more about your rights and your case. To set up your free consultation, send the firm a message online or call toll-free at 1-866-972-5287 or in Atlanta at 770-717-5100.

Once we accept your case, we will shield you from inappropriate dealings by insurance companies and begin work to secure compensation to pay accident costs, make ends meet and start on the road to recovery. 

As experienced bus, train and commercial vehicle accident lawyers and legal professionals, Scholle Law has represented catastrophically injured people and bereaved families for over two decades, building a strong record of successes. We are known for our reputation for legal skill and for keeping our clients informed, treating them with respect and freeing them to resume as much of their daily lives as possible.

From a main office in Gwinnett County, Scholle Law serves clients from offices in Buckhead and the Perimeter and represents victims throughout Atlanta and Georgia, including Grayson, Norcross, Walton County, Fulton County and all surrounding areas. 

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