Buckhead, Georgia Wrongful Death

Practice Area photo If you have ever driven in the Buckhead, Georgia area, you know that the roads are busy all day long and even busier at night.  One wrong turn or careless mistake can result in a devastating accident.  If someone you love has died unexpectedly due to the careless actions of another person, getting in touch with a legal representative is extremely important.  Buckhead wrongful death lawyer Charles Scholle can help you obtain just and fair financial compensation.

Nothing can compare to the hardship that your family has to endure after losing a loved one.  Charles Scholle understands that this time can be emotionally trying for you and will work to make sure that the life lost receives some measure of justice.  By filing a wrongful death claim and contacting experienced wrongful death attorney Charles Scholle, the negligent person can be held responsible, and your family can get the justice they deserve.
The actions of others may have led to charges for emergency services or extensive hospital stays for personal injuries, such as spinal cord injury.  In addition to the burden of funeral expenses, the loss of income and financial support can continue to hurt your family by destroying your financial stability.  You may even be at risk of losing your home, filing bankruptcy or not being able to pay for your children’s education.  Charles Scholle strives to help you get the settlement you need to make dealing with these expenses a little easier.

Georgia law provides that the measure of damages for wrongful death is the full value of the life of the deceased, including economic damages, such as projected life income, as well as intangible damages.  The time limit for filing a wrongful death case is normally two years from the date of death.  Usually the spouse, kids, or parents of the deceased individual will file the wrongful death suit, but in certain circumstances other related individuals can file the suit.

If someone you love has died unexpectedly due to the careless actions of another person, it can be difficult to confront the person or people responsible for the loss.  Allow Charles Scholle to help you through the legal process so that you can focus on getting your family get through this trying time.  To set up your free consultation, please send the firm a message online.