Boating Accidents

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Boating Fun Can Turn Tragic

Georgia's warm climate, Atlantic coast and network of rivers and lakes offer enticing opportunities for people who love sailing and boating. But when a day on a boat goes wrong, the results can be catastrophic.

Boats do not come equipped with seat belts or other safety restraints, which can mean serious injuries in a crash. People who are ejected into deep water run the risk of drowning, even if they can swim. And the party atmosphere around recreational boating means some people refuse to take safety seriously, exposing everyone around them to accidents caused by alcohol, inexperience or bad decisions.

Boating accidents can cause very serious injuries, including wrongful death, brain damage from oxygen deprivation, spinal injuries, burn injuries, amputation injuries and severe tissue damage. Atlanta boating accident victims who suffer injuries caused by someone else's carelessness have the right to hold that person legally responsible. Like victims of Atlanta car wrecks, boating accident victims can make an insurance claim to cover their injuries and medical bills -- but just like auto insurance companies, boating insurance providers do not always want to pay what they legally owe. An Atlanta boating accident lawsuit can force these insurers to meet their legal obligations, allowing victims to collect the money they need to pay past and future medical bills and other accident-related expenses, as well as compensation for an injury, wrongful death or permanent disability.

Boating Under the Influence

In recent years, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources reported that boating accidents caused 62 drownings, 11 fatalities other than drowning and 86 injuries. In that year, 169 people were charged with boating while intoxicated (BUI). Drunk boating may not always get the same attention that drunk driving does -- but it can be just as deadly. Just like drivers, boat operators have a legal responsibility to take reasonable care in public waterways, and that includes staying sober as well as operating their vessels with care.

Commercial Boating Accidents & the Jones Act

We know from past events in the Gulf, that oil platform work can be very dangerous because it exposes workers to turbulent seas and accidents with heavy equipment. Similarly, commercial fishing and shipping workers can also be injured. These workers are considered maritime workers under federal law, so they cannot collect workers' compensation after an injury. Instead, injured workers and bereaved families must file a Georgia maritime accident lawsuit under the Jones Act to collect money to pay medical costs, make ends meet while they recover and compensate them for a disability or death. If this is your family's situation, or if you have been penalized at work for reporting an accident, contact Charles Scholle, and our team of Georgia Jones Act attorneys, for help.

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Get Help With Your Boating and Commercial Fishing / Shipping Injuries

The metro Atlanta boating accident lawyers at Scholle Law, led by our founder Charles Scholle, represent victims of sailing, boating and shipping accidents throughout Georgia, including accidents on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts as well as rivers and lakes including Lake Oconee, Lake Lanier, Lake Allatoona, Carter's Lake, Lake Seminole, Lake Blackshear, Lake Hartwell, Richard B. Russell Lake, Walter F. George Lake, West Point Lake and Clarks Hill Lake (J. Strom Thurmond Lake).

For over two decades, Charles Scholle and Scholle Law have represented Georgia's victims of all types of serious accidents, helping to secure the financial compensation they need to get medical care, support their families and move on after a serious accident. Our experience, skill and reputation for excellence in representing victims of serious injury, benefits our clients as we prosecute the most serious boating accident claims, including cases of complex, lifelong injuries.

When you bring your case to Scholle Law you will have personal attention and consistent communication as your case progresses and the support you need to focus on recovery, while the legal team handles the details and deals with the complexities of your matter. We give our clients personal attention and compassion in the most difficult challenges of their lives. Unlike many other law firms that take on as many cases as they can and then abandon their relationship with their clients as the case progresses, we never treat clients impersonally. This is a difference that matters.

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