Board of Public Safety Promulgates Georgia Bicycle Rules and Regulations Regarding Safety Equipment (O.C.G.A. § 40-6-298)

Legal Commentary. The Georgia Department of Public Safety is the state agency responsible for adopting Georgia Bicycle rules and regulations concerning safety equipment. As an attorney who has handled many Georgia bicycle injury and death cases, please follow the law and wear the proper gear.

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Section 40-6-298 Board of Public Safety authorized to promulgate rules and regulations

The Board of Public Safety is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations to carry this part into effect and is authorized to establish regulations for any additional safety equipment or standards it shall require for bicycles.

HISTORY: Ga. L. 1973, p. 471, § 12; Code 1933, § 68A-1209, enacted by Ga. L. 1974, p. 633, § 1; Code 1981, § 40-6-299; Ga. L. 1990, p. 2048, § 5; Code 1981, § 40-6-298, as redesignated by Ga. L. 2011, p. 426, § 3/HB 101.