Back Over Car Accidents

Back over accidents occur when a vehicle reverses and hits an adult or child behind the vehicle. Sometimes these accidents occur when the victim is walking or riding a bicycle. These accidents can take place in driveways, parking lots and anywhere else where a vehicle is backing out of a parking space or moving the vehicle in reverse.

Sadly, children are most vulnerable to these accidents, but anyone can be a victim of a back over accident. In fact, most of us have had moments while walking in a shopping mall parking lot for example, in which we are concerned that cars backing out of their parking spaces could hit us. According to the organization there are about two children are fatally injured in this type of accident every week and 50 are injured.

The National Highway Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation has worked towards requiring rear view cameras in American vehicles. These devices are preferred over the radar-sensors that can make a sound when a person or object is nearby.

Federal regulators have estimated that nearly 300 deaths and over 18,000 injuries per year are caused by back over accidents. The most likely victims are small children and the elderly. Recent statistics indicate that nearly 50 percent of vehicles now offer a rear view camera and others provide it as an option.

Atlanta auto accident lawyers at Scholle Law, led by Charles Scholle, represent clients involved in all types of motor vehicle accidents, including those causing injury or death due to back over. Because these accidents can lead to serious injury or death, and since often the drivers are related to the victims, choosing a lawyer who is capable of getting the support families need to take care of their injured loved one or recover after the death of a child, is of utmost importance. As a highly rated lawyer, Charles Scholle and his legal team of fine lawyers and paralegals, have the legal know-how and the compassion to handle these sensitive cases with expertise and understanding.

Larger vehicles, such as SUVs and trucks with less visibility, are often involved in this type of accident, but passenger cars actually have large blind spots in a reverse mode and can also cause this type of accident as well. Some of these vehicles have been equipped with cameras and sensors to help avoid such accidents, but when putting a car in reverse, drivers should always make sure that no one is behind their vehicle. If they do not, tragedy can result.

In the event of a back over accident, the personal injury attorneys at Scholle Law led by Charles Scholle, have the experience and expertise to help Atlanta residents with this often-tragic type of accident. Statistics show that although back over crashes are not as common as other types of crashes they can be extremely dangerous, especially to children and the elderly.

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