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Auto, Motorcycle, & Small Vehicle AccidentsAuto Accidents Cause Injury and Financial Upheaval

Most Atlanta area residents rarely think about motor vehicles accidents, such as a car, truck or motorcycle accident, until they are involved in one. It is impossible to ignore the consequences of a serious car accident once you are a victim, because crashes can result in catastrophic injuries including brain injuries, paralysis and severe burns or most tragically, death.

For over two decades, Scholle Law has proudly represented Atlanta area clients  in their serious auto accident claims. There are many types of car accidents and Scholle Law represents clients in all of them, some include:

Injuries Resulting from Auto Accidents

These injuries change victims' lives both physically and emotionally. They also can result in severe financial consequences. A serious injury can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat, even with health insurance. And the financial impact can come at a time when victims are out of work and may not be earning the money to pay those costs. If these injuries lead to a lifelong disability or a death, that loss of income is permanent. Injuries resulting from automobile accidents can include:

The types of injuries one suffers often depends on the type of auto accident in which one is involved.

How Insurance Companies Deal with Auto Accidents

Auto insurance is supposed to cover injuries victims sustain in auto accidents. We pay premiums for years in exchange for the confidence that we will be taken care of if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, some victims of auto accidents find out this isn't quite true. Excellent Georgia car accident attorneys, like Charles Scholle and the legal team at Scholle Law, negotiate with the insurance company to get clients the best settlement possible and take the insurance company to court if they refuse to play fair.

Insurance is a business like any other, and insurance companies lose money when they pay high accident settlements. That means insurers routinely offer less than they believe Georgia accident claims are worth, relying on customers' lack of familiarity with the process to keep them from having to negotiate. And in some cases, particularly cases of severe injury, insurance companies do everything they can to avoid paying at all, even when their own contracts say they should. This situation victimizes hardworking Georgia families twice: first, through the accident itself; and second through the stress and strain of dealing with financial worries in addition to their injuries.

Fortunately, Georgia law protects victims of serious auto accidents caused by someone else's careless driving and they have the right to bring an action against the person or organization responsible. An insurance claim or lawsuit cannot undo the accident, but it can help victims secure the money they need to support themselves and their families while they heal and reestablish their lives.

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For over two decades, Atlanta auto crash lawyers at Scholle Law have helped victims of serious injury and their families get the financial compensation to which they are legally entitled. Charles Scholle and his legal team, work to lift these burdens by communicating with insurance adjusters, help clients understand their cases and work to secure clients the best possible financial recovery.

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