Atlanta, Georgia Truck Accident

Atlanta, Georgia Trucking Accidents

Today, trucking accidents still claim more than 20,000 lives every year, according to a National Highway Safety Administration survey.  Additionally, roughly 500 pedestrians and bicyclists are killed by truck accidents and even more are severely injured.  These high numbers continue to climb despite the fact that new laws, like fewer driving hours for truckers and more thorough safety inspections, have been enforced over the years.

Besides the obvious danger that commercial trucks are simply larger than cars, trucking accidents pose a serious threat in Atlanta in particular because of the high traffic volume on Interstate 75, Interstate 16, Interstate 20, and Interstate 85.  The smallest mistake on these busy roads serious injuries, whether it’s a tired truck driver running on a little less coffee than usual, a mechanical problem with the tractor-trailer itself, or just a small car sneaking up in a blind spot.  One in every five accidents happens simply, because the trucker isn’t familiar with the route that they’re driving on.

Whatever the reason for the accident may be, Atlanta truck accident attorney Charles Scholle can help you get compensation for your physical and emotional suffering while addressing the specific details unique to your accident.  Getting legal help from one of our attorneys right away is especially important.  Even in a small truck accident, the repercussions can be extreme with personal injuries ranging from bone fractures, puncture wounds and internal bleeding to brain damage and spinal cord injuries.  One hit in the wrong place, and a person injured could be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses in the months following the accident.

If you or someone that you know has been hurt in a trucking accident you can contact Charles Scholle, Atlanta’s experienced truck accident lawyer, to get the financial help you are entitled to.  He will help you work through the complex legal issues so that your time can be better spent overcoming the emotional and physical trauma of the accident.