Applicable to Use, Operation, and Equipment of Vessels (O.C.G.A. § 52-7-2)

Legal Commentary. This Georgia boat statute states that the Georgia laws that refer to boats apply to the use, operation, and equipment of boats. It may seem to be common sense, but it is important to note that the law applies to all three areas. This may seem self-evident, but as a Georgia boating accident lawyer, I believe the distinction is important. If for instance someone injured in a Georgia boating accident states that the law doesn’t apply because the accident was due to the faulty equipment of the boat and not the actual operation of the vessel, you would know that the law states that the negligent person is still at fault regardless of whether it was a mechanical problem or a careless mistake in driving.

See full text of statute below:
Section 52-7-2 Applicable to use operation and equipment of vessels
It is the policy of this state to promote safety for persons and property in and connected with the use, operation, and equipment of vessels and to promote the uniformity of laws relating thereto.

HISTORY: enacted by Ga. L. 1973, p. 1427, § 2.