Alpharetta, Georgia Motorcycle Accident

Practice Area photoEven with the Georgia requirement to wear a helmet, the number of motorcycle accidents that result in head injuries and even death from brain injury is rising every year.  In a single year in Georgia, nearly 200 people that were killed in accidents were motorcyclists, and some of these deaths took place in the Alpharetta area.  Alpharetta motorcycle accident attorney Charles Scholle has helped many motorcycle accident victims overcome the financial and emotional repercussions of accidents, and he can help you if you have suffered personal injury from such an accident.

It is important to seek help from a personal injury attorney who knows the specific laws and regulations associated with motorcycle accidents, so that you can get the most financial compensation you can.  In a typical motorcycle accident, the damages to both the motorcycle and the motorcycle driver are much greater than the damage done to the other vehicle and its passengers.  A lawyer who understands the full scope of motorcycle accidents will use this fact to recover for the full extent of injury, pain and suffering, and loss of wages that resulted from the incident.

That being said there are certain things that you, the motorcycle accident victim, can do to help strengthen your case.  Most importantly, make sure you go to the hospital and seek medical attention for any injury that you sustained at the scene.  This action help you recover in cases where there are more traumatic injuries, like severe brain injury.  Additionally, having a medical report will help prove that you had injuries sustained from the incident, and this will help your attorney build your case.  However, The damages from a motorcycle accident make for another unique aspect of the case.  Injuries are usually much more substantial, as is the pain and suffering that comes with them.
If you sustained an motorcycle accident injury and you have not contacted a personal injury attorney to help you, the first thing you should do after seeking medical treatment is contact Scholle Law.  Charles Scholle will go over the details of your case with you and discuss your legal options.