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Causes of Airplane Disasters

Airplane or aviation disasters are not common in Georgia or elsewhere, but when they occur they often cause fatalities. Although statistically air travel is safer than car travel, things can go wrong and when they do, generally serious personal injury or death is the result. Whether you have been seriously injured, or a loved one has suffered a fatal injury, in a commercial airline accident or a small aircraft crash like a private jet, single engine plane or a helicopter, Scholle Law, with offices throughout the Atlanta, Georgia area, provides the legal support needed to deal with the tragedy and to recover all the financial compensation to which you are entitled.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is responsible for investigating airplane and related accidents and maintains aviation accident statistics. In 2009, there were nearly 1500 general aviation accidents (which includes all flights other than scheduled airlines, regular cargo and military flights). This would include such aircraft as private small airplanes, helicopters and the like. In this same year for scheduled flights, there were 26 accidents, including one fatal crash involving a total of 50 fatalities.

There are many reasons for aircraft failure or airplane accidents, including pilot error, mechanical problems with the engine or other systems or a design defect with the aircraft itself. Air disasters can also result from failures to properly maintain an aircraft or problems with airports, such as defects in runways or a problem with air traffic control caused by human error. When pilot error is the cause of an airplane crash, this can be caused by everything from failure to properly inspect the private plane prior to take-off, making a bad decision to fly in bad weather or not having sufficient fuel. Sometimes the manufacturers of jet or airplane engines are held accountable for failures in design or other systems.

The Tragic Consequences of Airplane Accidents

Airplane accidents can cause serious injury and death, including:

Complex Legal Cases Require Skill and Expertise

Airplane accident cases are complex and require the skill and experience of a legal team that knows how to research the how's and why's of an airplane accident and apply all the legal theories that are applicable to the particular matter. This requires investigative skill, hiring of the right technical experts and the ability to handle the many facts and legal issues that arise in an airplane accident case. Atlanta's Charles Scholle has the legal expertise and experience to handle these complex and often tragic cases.

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Charles Scholle leads Scholle Law and is dedicated to excellence. That means not only excellence in handling your case, but also excellence in dealing with you and your family during what is often a very difficult time in your life, recovering from injury or death in the family.

If you have been injured in or lost a loved one in an airplane accident, it may have been caused by another person's careless behavior and if so, you need to know your legal rights to recover compensation and other damages for your suffering. Charles Scholle and Scholle Law can help.

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